How To Apply for EDV 2024How To Apply for EDV 2024

Are Looking For How To Apply for EDV 2024 then Your In right Place.Here We Explain Step By Step About EDV 2024. The Diversity Visa program offers a convenient path to secure a U.S. green card, but it’s important to note that eligibility isn’t universal, and individuals are chosen via the DV Lottery online application process.

Annually, the United States opens its doors to approximately 55,000 immigrants from various corners of the globe. This initiative aims to bolster the nation’s workforce and enrich its immigrant community.

The DV Lottery 2024 outlines a list of eligible countries, permitting citizens from these selected nations to submit online applications for a shot at winning this opportunity. Remarkably, global statistics indicate that well over a million people worldwide register for the Diversity Lottery each year. Out of this substantial pool, only a fortunate 55,000 participants are selected to proceed further in the immigration process.

In Nepal, we have consistently been able to partake in the Diversity Visa program, and as a result, numerous Nepalese individuals have realized the American dream through this remarkable initiative.

DepartmentU.S. Department of State
ProgramElectronic Diversity Visa
Lottery YearDV Lottery 2024
Registration Period5th October – 8th November 2023
Is Nepal Eligible for DV 2024?Yes
Table Of Diversity Visa program

Step-by-Step Guide: Online Registration Process for DV Lottery 2024 Application Form

Here is the Online Registration information presented in a table format:

1. Go to Official HomepageVisit the official DV Lottery website by clicking here.
2. NameEnter your name exactly as it appears on your passport.
3. Gender, DOB, Birth City, and CountryProvide your gender, date of birth, birth city, and country.
4. Country of EligibilitySpecify your country of eligibility for the DV Program.
5. Photo Requirement for DV LotteryEnsure your photos meet the program’s specific requirements.
6. Mailing AddressEnter your current mailing address accurately.
7. Contact Details (Email)Provide a valid email address for correspondence.
8. Education QualificationSpecify your education qualifications as required.
9. Marital Status and ChildrenIndicate your marital status and include children if applicable.
10. Proceed and CheckReview your information for accuracy and completeness.
11. Save Confirmation Number (Important)After submission, save your confirmation number securely.
Table Of Online Registration Process for DV Lottery 2024 Application Form

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Please note that the “Click Here” link in Step 1 should be replaced with the actual link to the official DV Lottery website when you access it.

1. Go to Official Homepage

1Access the Official US State Government Website:
2Commence the Entry Process by clicking “Begin entry.”
3Complete Captcha Verification as required.
Table Of Go to Official Homepage for DV Lottery 2024

2. Name Section

Last Name[Your Last Name (Surname)]
First Name[Your First Name]
Middle Name[Your Middle Name (if applicable)]
Full Name Order[Last Name >> First Name >> Middle Name (if present)]
Table Of Name Section for DV Lottery 2024

3. Gender, DOB, Birth City, and Country

Date of Birth (DOB)[Enter your date of birth, as indicated in your official document]
Birth City[If known, it is recommended to write your birth city]
Country of Birth[The country where you were born]
Table Of Gender, DOB, Birth City, and Country for Dv 2024

4. Country of Eligibility

Country of Eligibility[Enter the country for which you are eligible for the DV Lottery program]
Instructions for Nepalese[For Nepalese applicants, follow the instructions as shown in the image]
Table Country of Eligibility for EDV 2024

5. Photo Requirement for DV Lottery

Photo Requirement for DV Lottery 2024Specification
BackgroundWhite, Light-colored, and plain
Head PositionYou should be looking straight at the camera
LightPhotos must not be overexposed or underexposed; shadows must not be visible
PhotoshopPhotoshop editing should be avoided
FaceThe face must not be covered by hair, and facial expressions should be neutral
Head CoveringsReligious head coverings (e.g., Burkha) and hearing aids are allowed
AccessoriesAccessories are not allowed
Resolution600×600 pixels (Square)
File SizeMaximum 240 KB
File FormatJPG format
Photo AgeThe photo must not be older than 6 months
Table of Photo Requirement for DV Lottery 2024

For more detailed information and guidance on your photo, it is recommended to refer to the Official Website of the DV Lottery program.

6. Mailing Address

Address Line[Include Tole name, ward name, and number]
City[Your city’s name]
District/Province[e.g., Kaski District / Gandaki Province]
Postal Code[Search Google for your City or District Postal Code]
Country[Select your country name (e.g., Nepal)]
Table of Mailing Address For EDV 2024

Ensuring the accuracy of your mailing address is crucial to receive important documents and forms if you are selected for the Green Card.

7. Contact Details (Email)

Phone Number[Optional – You can choose to provide or leave it]
Email[Very important – Use a personal email address]
Table of Contact Details (Email)

Providing a personal and accurate email address is crucial, as it will be used for important communications regarding the Diversity Visa process.

8. Educational Qualification in the Diversity Visa Program

U.S. Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs, applicants must either possess a high school diploma or demonstrate relevant work experience. For further details, please refer to the official guidelines.

S.NTypes Of Schools
1.Primary school Only
2.High school,No Degree
3.Vocational school
4.Some University Courses
5.University Degree
6.Some Graduate level Courses
7.Master Degree
8.Some doctorate level Courses
9.Doctor Degree
Table of Educational Qualification in the Diversity Visa Program

9. Marital Status

If you are not married, you can check Unmarried, but if you are married, you need to provide all the information about your partner. Participants with children should inform their children as well. Read the full instructions carefully.

S.NMarried status
2.Married and Spouse is Not a U.S. Citizen Or U.S. Lawful Permanent Residences (LPR)
3.Married and Spouse is a U.S. Citizen Or U.S. Lawful Permanent Residences (LPR)
6.Legally Separated
Table of Marital Status For Dv 2024

Step 10: Submit Your Application

  • If you have children, ensure you enter the total number of children (all of them) as required.
  • Click on “Continue” to proceed to the next stage.
  • On the subsequent page, carefully review all the information you’ve provided. Make sure there are no mistakes or errors.
  • If you do not find any errors, click on “Submit” to complete your application.

Double-checking your information and ensuring accuracy is crucial before submission.

Step 11: Secure Your Confirmation Number (Crucial)

  • Congratulations! You’ve reached the end of the DV Lottery online application form.
  • Ensure the safety of your progress and potential success by preserving your confirmation number.
  • You have two options to safeguard this vital number:
    1. Print this page or save it for your records.
    2. Write down the 16-digit and letter confirmation number, take a picture, or save it securely.
  • It’s imperative to note that once you close this page, you won’t be able to return to it.
  • Your confirmation number will serve as the key to checking your Diversity Lottery result approximately 7 to 8 months from now.

Who can Register DV Lottery? | Documents Required

Who can register DV Lottery?Documents Required
– Eligible country citizenship (Nepali Ok)– High School Certificate OR
– Completion of 12 years of Education OR
– 2 years of Work Experience (In the last 5 years)
Table of Who can register DV Lottery? | Documents Required

This is the initial step, where you need to demonstrate either your educational qualifications or work experience from an eligible country. If your name is selected, you will be required to provide additional documents and proof. However, for the application process, the information mentioned above suffices.

Rules to Follow While Applying for US Green Card Visa

Rules to Follow While Applying for US Green Card Visa
1. You cannot submit multiple applications.
2. Genuine Educational Qualifications: Do not provide false education information when applying based on education.
3. Authentic Work Experience: Do not provide false work experience when applying based on work experience.
4. Adhere to Photo Requirements: Ensure that your submitted photos meet all specified criteria; this is crucial.
5. Verify Your Country’s Eligibility: Confirm that your country, in this case, Nepal, is eligible to participate in DV Lottery 2024.
6. Accuracy in Personal Information: Avoid errors in your name, date of birth, and address. Correct information will be essential for verification if you are selected.
7. Apply Within the Registration Period: Submit your application during the official registration period.
8. Safeguard Your Confirmation Number: Keep your confirmation number safe; you will need it to check the lottery results.
Table of Rules to Follow While Applying for US Green Card Visa

Frequently Asked Question

How to apply for EDV 2024?

Here’s a concise step-by-step guide on how to apply for EDV 2024:

Visit the Official Homepage of the US State Gov: Go to
Enter your Full Name.
Provide your Date of Birth (DOB), Birth City, and Country.
Specify your Country of Eligibility for the DV Program.
Ensure your Photo meets the Requirements for DV Lottery.
Fill in your Mailing Address.
Provide your Contact Details, including your email.
Declare your Education Qualification for the Diversity Visa.
Following these steps will help you complete the EDV 2024 application process accurately and efficiently.

When can I apply for DV lottery 2024?

The official Date 5th October – 8th November 2023

Where to fill dv form in nepal 2024 online?

You Can Fill form online official In

When DV Lottery 2024 out?

Already Published in May 6, 2023

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