Company FormationCompany Formation

What is Company Formation?

Company formation is the process of incorporating (registering) a business in the form of a limited company.Company formation is the act of officially establishing a business as a limited company. This process involves registering the business with the appropriate government authorities and creating a distinct legal entity.

By forming a company, the business gains a separate identity from its owners, providing certain benefits and protections.

Meaning Of Company

Company is an artificial person which is established be legal procedure it collects capital by issuing shares with the view of earning profit .

Features of a Company

The features of a company refer to the distinct characteristics or attributes that define a company as a legal and business entity. These features outline the essential elements and structures that differentiate a company from other forms of organizations. Here are some common features of a company.

Advantages Of Company

Advantages of a company refer to the benefits or positive aspects that come with establishing and operating a business as a company structure. Here are some key advantages of a company.

Disadvantage of Company

Disadvantages of a company Transfer to the drawbacks or challenges that can be associated with operating as a company entity. While companies offer several benefits, they also come with certain disadvantages that need to be considered. Some common disadvantages of a company include.

  • Difficulty in formation
  • less Feeling of owner
  • No Direct Involvement of owner in business achieves
  • Distribution at profit
  • Low motivation

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