NEB Grade 12 Model Question EconomicsNEB Grade 12 Model Question Economics

Are Looking For NEB Grade 12 Model Question Economics 2079/2023 you are in right place.Here we deliver Class 12 model question,Class 12 Board exam Question papers and notes.

The candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practicable. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

( Time ) : 3 Hr Attempt All Questions (Full Marks): 75
(Group A )
(Very Short Answer Type Questions )

1.Write any two advantages of division of labour.
11×1 = 11

2.A seller earns Rs. 700 from the sale of 10 units of a good. If s / he sells 1 more unit, her / his total revenue becomes Rs 750, then find marginal revenue by using formula.

3.What is the policy applied by central bank to control the money supply and credit called?

4.Write any one difference between fixed exchange rate and flexible exchange rate.

5.What is ‘structural unemployment’?

6.When did Nepal become the member of WTO ?

7.Write down any two policies aimed at reducing the size of population below poverty line in the current plan of Nepal.

8.There is gender inequality in you community. More priority is given to boys as compared to girls either at home or in school. In this regard, state any two roles that you can play to achieve the goal of gender equality in education by 2030 in Nepal ?

9.Write any two prerequisites of primary data collection.

10.The sources of primary data collection are book, newspaper, radio, etc. But there are various problems in data collection from such sources. In this regard, point out any two problems while using the data from secondary sources.

11. If the difference and sum of first quartile (Q1 ) and third quartile (Q3) are 45 and 75 respectively. Find the coefficient of quartile-deviation and interpret it.

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(Group B)

( Short Answer Type Questions)
8 x 5 = 40

  1. What is the meaning of allocation of resources ? Identify and describe the three major issues that may arise while allocating resources.
    or 2+3
    What is Market Economy? Explain any four features of market economy.
  2. Describe the Uncertainty Bearing Theory of Profit. Point-out its’ any four weaknesses.
  3. Give the answer of following questions on the basis of given table.
Class 12 model question

i.Complete the above table

ii. Draw AC and MC curves from the completed table.

15.A monopoly firm can sell as many goods as it wants to sell by decreasing prices’. Based on this information, prepare a table showing the firm’s total revenue, average revenue and marginal revenue. Draw the curves of average revenue and marginal revenue based on the table.

16.Define Money Market and describe any four features of it.

17.Currently, increasing economic inequality situation in Nepal has adversely affected the social, political and whole economic sectors of the country. Suggest any five practical measures to reduce this situation.

18. Nepal has a long history of formulation and implementation of development plan. But there is no sufficient development. In this regard, suggest the steps to formulate an effective development plan in Nepal.

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19.Find the standard deviation from the given data and interpret the result.

(Wages Rs.)(No. of Labour )
Class 12 model question

Find Price Index using Laspeyres formula and interpret the result. 4+1

(Group C)
(Long Answer Type Questions)
3×8 = 24
20.Illustrate the price and output determination process under perfect competition and show the situations of short-run equilibrium of the firm by MR-MC approach.

21.The Comparative Advantage theory of international trade is related to the need of international trade. Every country imports the goods if their cost of production is high in the country. Explain with a suitable example.

22. Foreign employment is a way to solve the unemployment problem for developing countries like Nepal. However, from this, such countries will have to face various problems in future. Considering such possible problems, explain your ideas in four points for each. 4+4
23.Prioritize and list out any four major SDGs of UN that is directly relevant to Nepal. Why these aims should be prioritized in Nepalese context? Clarify. 2+3+3


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