Driving license trial date 2080

Driving license trial date 2080

Information related to the experimental test for class A, B and K to be conducted from Monday, 18 Jul 2023, 2080/04/02 !!! Expected

Practical examination of the candidates who have passed the written examination taken by this office up to 24/03/2080 and those who have registered and paid the rajas for additional courses up to 2080/03/30 of categories A, B and K according to the checklist attached herewith (Trial) .

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There is a request for the information of everyone related to the scheduled trial center in the office building located in Nepal, from 07:00 AM to 3:00 PM according to the date of registration according to the new standards.

The list with the checklist of the practical examination to be conducted according to this low number has been uploaded on the office’s website  and Facebook page along with this notice.

How To Drive in Licence Trial in Nepal

The trial exam is divided into seven parts, totaling 100 points. Candidates for scooters and motorcycles must score at least 70 points to pass the trial exam. Interestingly enough, the new system has made “Figure-8” a bit easier.

Driving license trial date 2080


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